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    kext 2. Lấy trước trong catalina nếu work rồi. 1 AirportBrcmFixup 2. Reply. I use GenSMBIOS-master to generate my UUID, serial, and I use iasl-win-20180105 to decompile my DSDt. kext make sure this Kext is in your Jan 30, 2021 · For an extensive list of patches, please compare OpenCore's CommonPatches. kext (on 10. 4 works flawlessly in hackintoshed HP Laptop, Try with Yours. com Oct 26, 2020 · OpenCore order is alphabetical: Injector -> Data -> RAM # Intel # itlwm. 12 /10. kextとLiluプラグイン. I am migrating my installation to OpenCore from Clover on my HP Elitebook 8470p and have run into a major snag. kext文件 https://github. kext, it shows the Broadcom card as a PCI device in system report. kext 等内核拓展,你可以在配置文件的Kexts/ Alternative Kexts 目录下找到。 如果你有BCM94360CS2 / BCM943224PCIEBT. 從 OpenCore (V0. OpenCore Créateur-V8. >=10. kext. HaCMini. Quasi capito tutto, la cosa che non mi è chiara quando dici di farlo su una pendrive, intendi di mettere Big Sur su pendrive e quindi di fare una nuova installazione giusto? - La sezione quirks al tempo che feci 14 Dec 2020 If your Mac Pro 5,1 has the legacy Airport card that works in Mojave, but not anymore in Big Sur. There's a few different ways of disabling this within the plugins folder (deleting it from the folder), or specifying in . kextのGitHubに書いてあったのでその通りにしました。 Sanity check your OpenCore config. kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. Hackintosh Big Sur 11. 2. aml Make sure this file is in your OC/ACPI directory; SSDT-EC-USBX-DESKTOP. Currently does connect and even support Apple's own IO80211 framework(via AirportItlwm), unfortunately doesn't support Airdrop, see here for features and limitations: OpenIntelWireless # IntelBluetoothFirmware. It will start, and appear in the USB list, and it will try to make a connection on startup. 7 fixed it I'm on OpenCore 0. kext alongside BrcmFirmwareData. In OpenCore you can specify MaxKernel 19. 9 in config. plist and move them into separate plugins AirPortBrcm4360_Injector and AirPortBrcmNIC_Injector (kexts with plist only). 1 OpenCore Guide ( i5-9600k, Msi b365m Mag, RX 5500xt) Pastebin. Overview There are several Broadcom WiFi cards which works OOTB. SSDT-EC-USBX-DESKTOP. 5 AppleALC 1. 4 with Opencore 0. kextのパッケージの中のPluginsに入っているAirPortBrcm4360_Injector. 在 GitHub 上编辑 概述 本文最后更新时间:2020年12月15日 黑苹果星球列出的EFI引导文件均为网上搜集,均尽力标注了出处(见安装指引);如果不想被收录可联系admin@heipg. Continuity OpenCore 启动黑苹果 (尤其是 macOS 10. OpenCore 0. WiFi and Bluetooth wors perfect. - acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup github. 13+. aml Make sure this file is in your OC/ACPI directory Sanity check your OpenCore config. c (opens new window). kext是一个 7 OpenCore 0. XML: <key>DeviceProperties</key 12 Jul 2020 The Real Vanilla Hackintosh with macOS BigSur and Opencore / Full DSDT Patches / Minimal third party kexts I have added AirportBrcmFixup in kernel ( the new complied one), disabled the AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. kext 的 debug 版本需要和BrcmWLFi 前言Opencore Generation X可以生成主流的Intel和AMD架构的配置文件,同时内置了必备能使用到的驱动、直接用该工具也可以配置启动参数等,该工具只能在macOS下使用,这对于还没有苹果系统环境的人来说有些困难,但是也可以考虑在win环境下用VM虚拟机来安装苹果 Aug 14, 2020 · Salut Manouel (ou charcudoc lol), je reviens ici après avoir mis à jour opencore en 0. SSDT-AWAC. The b Apr 07, 2020 · Hi, I request your help to be able to boot a dedicated HP EliteBook for Catalina 10. hackintosh ( New) How to install big sur on 177 Paste for Mac v2. kext for WiFi setup and BrcmBluetoothInjector. 6 Mojave:解压附件下载的AirportBrcmFixup,拷贝 AirportBrcmFixup. Oct 27, 2020 · Gotya! TY! So i will have to take off; AirportBrcmFixup, BrcmBluetoothInjector, BrcmFirmwareData, BrcmPatchRAM3 when i'm using and RtWlanU & RtWlanU1827 from Wireless USB OC Big Sur Adapter-V6. Now everything appears to work. kext must not  Liluとプラグイン:(3) AirportBrcmFixupなどの使い方. I am sure this is due to Aug 04, 2020 · AirportBrcmFixup 2. 8; This configuration had been tested for BigSur Public Beta 1, Developer Beta 3, as well as Catalina 10. [info]OpenCoreで他のOSと共存。 26 Sep 2020 It works perfectly till ver. 2 et Catalina 10. aml Make sure this file is in your OC/ACPI directory Mar 05, 2009 · I've set up OpenCore 0. 不添加任何驱动即可支持 2. 6 WhateverGreen 1. Nov 03, 2020 · How to Enable Broadcom WiFi on macOS [Clover/OpenCore] An EliteMacx86 Exclusive Guide - This guide covers implementation of Broadcom WiFi on macOS using Clover and OpenCore. Source code (zip) Source code (tar. 用于修补非Apple /非Fenvi Broadcom卡,不适用于Intel,Killer,Realtek等 OpenCore beauty treatment(启动菜单图形界面主题 AirportBrcmFixup. AirDrop 也支持的非常完美. 0 with commit bb12f5f or newer to resolve this issue. 由 Sukka、derbalkon 整理,感谢黑果小兵的博客提供的资料。 本页面最后更新于 2020 年 10 月 31 日. Update 12 Fev 2021 OpenCore Créateur-V8 Update 12 Fev 2021 (Volume Externe) OpenCore Package Ajuster pour macOS Big Sur 11. Specs: Ryzen 3600x, Radeon 5600XT, ASUS b450 rog strix motherboard, 2x8 GB RAM DDR4 3200, Fenvi HB1200 Wifi Card, NVME drive I was able to download Catalina* onto my SSD. Aug 10, 2020 · Because of this, the macOS kernel will fall flat when trying to boot. kext, but in kext folder with version name 11 AirportBrcmFixup. This is generally seen on Sandy Bridge and older; For a full list of compatible drivers, see the Clover conversion page Mar 05, 2009 · I spent over a week trying to get a similar bcm combo wifi/BT to work on OpenCore and Catalina. Partition main Windows SSD (dont have another) to 120GB for Windows, 14 GB for Big Sur rdr (R-Drive) image restoring, 40GB for Big Sur installation and BCM94360CS2 是否需要 AirportBrcmFixup. kext (Requires Lilu. 13@Jake Lo@Hervé. 1 VirtualSMC 1. of the Lenovo mini series using a Haswell Intel cpu. This combination worked great with my Dell 1802a WiFi/BT, OpenCore 0. Lilu. 6; Esta sección es para obtener otros archivos necesarios para arrancar macOS, esperamos que conozcas bien tu hardware antes de comenzar y que hayas hecho un hackintosh antes, ya que no entraremos en detalle aquí. ) - The laptops Trackpad itself and also the Gestures stopped working when updating to Big Sur I uploaded my EFI folder below Because i want the Trackpad working with all the mac gestures, instead of TrackStick usabili Aug 27, 2017 · This contains a list of the kext files I use for my hackintosh. 9 for AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. Jan 31, 2021 · Firmware drivers are drivers used by OpenCore in the UEFI environment. Install latest versions as available. 笔记本 电脑. An open source kernel extension providing a set of patches required for Also, when you do the two OpenCore ones, do not chain-load. c (opens new window) with Clover's kernel_patcher. plist the max macOS which the kext will load for (20 is Big Sur, 19. 本文标签:驱动相关 请问一下这个在opencore里该怎么配置啊, bcm94360 的 蓝牙在mac  2020年10月30日 AirportBrcmFixup 是一个开源的项目,为非苹果原生博通Wi-Fi 网卡提供Airport 支持。 ## 注意 需要配合[Lilu][1] In OpenCore you can specify MaxKernel 19. aml Please see my attached config. So Video 1: RP booting into Mac OS&n Tải về bản mới nhất, có 2 plugin nằm ở AirportBrcmFixup. Reason for this is due to cpu_count_enabled_logical_processors requiring the MADT (APIC) table, and so OpenCore will now ensure this table is made accessible to the kernel. efi. Jan 11, 2021 · If you're unsure what version of OpenCore you're using, you can run the following in terminal: nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:opencore-version Note: The about command will require you to include bit 0x2 in Misc -> Security -> ExposeSensitiveData , recommended values for ExposeSensitiveData is 0x6 which includes bits 0x2 and 0x4 . I wish there was a way to have both these kexts working in conjunction. If I add airport brcm it sometimes. 11анаall version amd hackintosh 2020 guide 1) Checking for the compatibility This Ryzen 9 3900X Opencore 0. kext 1. . 8 doesn't work with my DW1560, reverting back to 2. Note: Apple Airport and Fenvi cards do not need these kexts; OpenCore order is alphabetical: Injector -> Data -&g 17 Dec 2020 "AirportBrcmFixup" and "Lilu" is needed together to work with conjunction in order to enable the WiFi support. 0; 031e625; Verified This commit was created on GitHub. Nov 05, 2020 · Everything Seems to be working almost! (Thanks to @acquarius. Feb 18, 2018 · AirportBrcmFixup. GitHub Instructions. I am sure this is due to Jun 07, 2018 · OpenCore Guide Kexts Support Request USB Port Limit Patch More . works but then my keyboard doesn't work. 7)版本的說明內容當中,已得知做了許多的改變,並加入GUI 圖形化的介面,你可以使用原有文字型態的簡約方式,或是加入圖形化的主題,讓你的黑蘋果可以自行設計主題和icon,做出不一樣的引導主題。 Pastebin. 15. kext and the companion Lilu. Search In AirportBrcmFixup AirportBrcmFixup. 7 it works BrcmBluetoothInjector BrcmFirmwareData BrcmPatchRAM3 BT4LEContinuityFixup Lil AirportBrcmFixup-2. 0. 1 MB. kext是一个开源内核扩展,提供了非苹果Airport Broadcom/博通 Wi-Fi卡所需的补丁。 该kext需要搭配 Lilu. 13/10. Boot directly into OpenCore. I reccomend reading the guide carefully to understand OpenCore. 但是也不少分享的黑苹果系统中带了这个驱动. This was tested and verified under OpenCore by enabling only the parent kext of the fixup kext v2. itlwm. 14+. All works well despite Wifi , only wifi - Bluetooth works! Thats interesting cuz my brcm94352 has bt+wifi in one. kext and enabled AirPortBrcmNIC_Injector. kext AppleALC. aml. Jun 26, 2020 · EDIT: I finally got it how to enable wifi, I made the injection with the value you send me in DevicePropieties, as OC documentation say, I have added AirportBrcmFixup in kernel (the new complied one), disabled the AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. 5. dmg. I have an issue where WiFi doesn't work. Perfect for hackintoshing! About this guide. 1 (20D74) Vous n'avez pas la permission de télécharger les fichiers joints. 13. This time I assembled everything and when trying to configure it, I get the “Your computer restarted . com is the number one paste tool since 2002. kextのパッケージの中のPluginsに入っている AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. 6. Users will however need a build of OpenCore 0. kext 的问题. I got completely frustrated with the same vanilla instructions until I found your post. 9 including Lenovo m93 mini Hackintosh - OpenCore. However, there are few cards which are fully supported Current supported version 0. It now works. In fact, if I don't use AirportBrcmFixup. OpenCore 支持的内核驱动 (Kext) 及其用途. Thread starter Rajkhand Click to expand they have been moved into their own plugins, so in OpenCore you would have something like this: Code: 2020年11月23日 未だにRTCバグの件がOpenCoreではわかりません。 Config. 7 I have created my USB2 key with gibMacOS-master. 9 post for specific BIOS and hardware configuration. How can I inject this string and what is the name of the key? Is it "compatible" as a string? As far as I red, I suppose that injections should be in DevicePropieties. kext, FYI) FakePCIID kexts are available here. to install Catalina on a newly built AMD desktop. 工具软件. com It works perfectly till ver. For the BCM94352 flavors, I've been using AirportBrcmFixup. 10 or older. A 2nd workaround is to call on Acidanthera's AirportBrcmFixup kext (its injectors are not required/used) + injecting compatibility with pci14e4,43ba (BCM43602) or pci14e4,43a0 (BCM4360). To ensure I don't ruin my existing installation I have put OpenCore on a USB with the intention of moving it onto my main drive once I verify everything is working. Just go I'm not familiar with Clover but I know OpenCore works with AMD! Follow For the BCM94352 flavors, I've been using AirportB 从而出现了一大批非苹果设备而使用苹果操作系统的机器,被称黑苹果Airport博通 Wifi网卡驱动:AirportBrcmFixup. kext – Various patches for Broadcom Airport Wi-Fi cards Sempre tutto semplice. 9) of AirportBrcmFixup no Wifi but if I put AirportBrcmFixup 2. Adds Bluetooth support to macOS when paired with an Intel AirportBrcmFixup 2. kext  2020年12月12日 AirportItlwm; IntelBluetoothFirmware; AirportBrcmFixup; BrcmPatchRAM. 3. 9 kills Wifi. Ive got a S405UA-EB906T with following Intel Core i5 7200U intel hd620 Dec 23, 2020 · The WiFi (BCM20702A0) from the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero guide build will not connect to the WiFi network. aml or SSDT-EC-USBX-DESKTOP. BrcmBluetoothInjector. You may follow the steps in this video to make your wifi ca Tips: 下文提到的AirportBrcmFixup. HFS drives). kext ExecutablePath: Contents/Ma #Recolectando archivos. kextを設定するためのとても詳細なガイドが tonymacx86にありましたのご紹介します。今回はAirportBrcmFixupとその他の kextの部分の抄訳です。原文は下のリン. kext make sure this Kext is in your OC/Kexts directory; AirportBrcmFixup. 3, OpenCore, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro WiFi, MSI Radeon RX 560 I have in OC/Kexts- AirportBrcmFixup. zip 101 KB. 1-RELEASE. airportbrcmfixup big sur pl Dw1560 升級到Big Sur 11 Beta 完成之後,可以把 SMBIOS 改  今回はAirportBrcmFixupとその他のkextの部分の抄訳です。 新ブートローダー OpenCoreを使う に bootmacos より; 新ブートローダーOpenCoreを使う に aroo より; 10. Has anyone figured  ACPIBatteryManager. 8 that I have not figured out how to configure this in OpenCore. See full list on github. 8 This configuration had been. gz) Improved boot management with OpenCore 0. 2019-12-06 bootmacos Guides, 今回はAirportBrcmFixupとその他のkextの部分の抄訳です。原文は下の リンクを見てください。 10時間、 26分前. 0. 6, OpenCore 0. Tried changing brcmfx-driver to 2 , removing AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. ACPI Add. zip Update 12 Fev 2021 OpenCore Créateur-V8 (Volume Externe) OpenCore Package Ajuster pour macOS Big Sur 11. aml Make sure this file is in your OC/ACPI directory; SSDT-PLUG. 14. After spending days trying to get my x79 stop giving Kernel Panic in BS I was successful with a Patch. Versión soportada: 0. plistの解説がわかり やすかった一方、なぜデフォルトじゃない?みたいな項目も多く、割と面倒で したね………… kext AirportBrcmFixup. macOS says. kext from inside of AirportBrcmFixup , set MaxKernel 19. (9. VoodooPS2; RehabMan's VoodooPS2; VoodooRMI; VoodooSMBus; VoodooI2C. According to the Opencore manual, this An open source kernel extension providing a set of patches required for non-native Airport Broadcom Wi-Fi cards. See the ACPI Docs; SSDT-AWAC. HP EliteBook 840 G1 & OpenCore Catalina/Big Sur Beitrag von „Zayed4502“ vom 14. kext - all of the Brcm* kexts are from RehabMan's OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM repo. Known Issue: DRM not working for Safari in BigSur, but FireFox is fine unmodified from Opencore-Vanilla-Desktop-Guide Gathering files This section is for gathering miscellaneous files for booting macOS, we do expect you to know your hardware well before starting and hopefully made a Hackintosh before as we won't be deep diving in here. They're mainly required to boot a machine, either by extending OpenCore's patching ability or showing you different types of drives in the OpenCore picker(ie. plist. 7 it works&nb 1 Oct 2020 Solved > DW1560 - BCM4352 AirportBrcmFixup. p Jun 26, 2020 · I have searched how to do this, but OpenCore is new to me. kahiser 1 Posted September 21, 2020. kext, 非苹果官方博通网卡修复. I realized that there are still people with difficulties in Catalina too, s ちなみに、AirportBrcmFixup. aml Make sure this file is in your OC/ACPI directory Oct 31, 2020 · For all users of x79 (C602) cards, who are having trouble getting Catalina and BigSur to work with Clover or OpenCore. 0 Intel Coffee Lake Laptop Sanity Check AirportBrcmFixup. 2にしたけどNaviの性能は向上しませんでした に bootmacos より. 0 Read More The BCM94360CD worked OOB with no extras as it's a native card. kextを消さない もう少しOpenCoreがいじり やすければなぁ… 9 Aug 2020 Skylake Intel i3-6100T, MacOS 10. 0 and latest kexts. OpenCore 兼容 Kext 列表. 9. I cannot make sense of the ReadMe on the GitHub page for AirportFixup. com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup. 6, please refer to OpenCore 0. 7 I have updated the below mentioned kexts to the latest versions but when I put the latest version (2. acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup 408. Legacy variant of HfsPlus, used for systems that lack RDRAND instruction support. 9 for AirPortBrcm4360_Injector. kext: Đây là kext giúp kích hoạt những card Wi-Fi đến từ Broadcom (ví dụ như BCM94352z, BCM94360z,…). This is needed to fix wifi on many Broadcom cards, BrcmPatchRAM for 10. Toute l'installation se passe bien, je boot sur le ssd parfaitement mais si je veux booter sur la clé usb au cas ou mon ssd à un problème, je n'y arrive pas. Add Device, chú ý phải lấy đúng device path. but it will not find any networks. cn删除,黑苹果星球不保证EFI一定可以成功驱动,请务必仔细阅读列出的安装指引和说明。 Your New Hackbook waits for you with Intel i5 and HP Chasis, macOS Catalinia 10. I read the following in the read me of airportbrcmfixup GitHub:  Remove injectors for AirPortBrcm4360 and AirPortBrcmNIC from main Info. 2019年12月28日 Lilu. ProperTree; python; opencore-configurator  1、WiFi部分. 2, 基于OpenCore 0. 正常来说: Bcm94360CS2 是苹果笔记本的原装无线网卡, 理论上是不需要任何驱动补丁的. 4 and the latest release of Catalina. This is not a complete tutorial but based on the OpenCore Vanilla Desktop Guide for Haswell. You may eventually need to update your kext files when new versions of macOS comes out for continued Dec 01, 2020 · Im trying to install vanilla Big Sur on my E7270 I have Micron 1100 SATA m. kext  2020年11月23日 未だにRTCバグの件がOpenCoreではわかりません。 ちなみに、 AirportBrcmFixup. Chỉ sử dụng nếu như bạn đang sử dụng những card Wi-Fi được hỗ trợ đến từ hãng này. For Clover: If you're using Clover, copy both the kexts to EFI/Clover/Kext/Others For O 2019年6月11日 教程更新于2020. Location Note: These files must be placed under EFI/OC/Drivers/ # Universal See full list on github. Thanks so much for sharing. 1 (20D74) 前言. com I believe you need to disable AirPortBrcm4360, which is now within AirportBRCMfixup. plist/Devices/FakeID/WIFI/ 0x43a014e4. 1 Mo) Téléchargé 31 fois AirportBrcmFixup. By iCanaro, June 7, 2018 in Lilu & Plugins. 2; Assets 3. OpenCore Configurator. Show Raw XML OpenCore v0. What is OpenCore and who is this guide for. 1 => 2. The Lenovo m93p is a tiny PC and first gen. 2. 6 官方版本由于个人能力有限, 教程中难免 会有些疏漏, 这里推荐大家在参阅本教程的同时也阅读以下资料:OpenCore 官方 文档– 于10. 6+) or BrcmPatchRAM2. Fixed everything for me. 1 and Upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur beta on my Y50-70. BrcmFirmw I am sure this is due to changes in AirportBrcmFixup starting v 2. 附录 1. Bluetooth Injection Method (10. itlwm is an open source Intel Wi-Fi project for macOS, the vast majority of code is ported from OpenBSD and some contents are referenced on iwlwifi from Linux. Non native/ inject Brcm device_id (one method) config. ACPI Booter DeviceProperties Kernel Misc NVRAM PlatformInfo UEFI Mar 05, 2009 · Catalina 10. 1. 8/2. The EFI file above included update for following kexts: OpenCorePkg 0. Try to switch to OpenCore if possible! Clover is not stable for macOS 10. Mar 20, 2020 · Using Opencore 0. kext- BrcmBluetoothInjector remove entry in plist and kext airportbrcmfixup Link to post Share on other sites. 4G 和 5G WIFI 连接和蓝牙. 9 is below this). You mean like AirportBrcmFixup. In Clover you can have two  Install macOS Big Sur on PC or Laptop with Intel or AMD Processors, Supports OpenCore and Clover, Download Link Included. 15) 会比 Clover 快不少 OpenCore 提供强大的排错功能和详细的日志 OpenCore 更加注重系统的安全性, 提供对 OpenCore 自身引导文件对加密, 同时对文件保险箱 (FileVault) 有更强大的支持, 在未来会支持 UEFI 安全启动 acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup is an open source project licensed under BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License which is an OSI approved license. Some patches are not transferred over so if you're having issues this is the section to check, example is converting the KernelIvyBridgeXCPM() (opens new window) to OpenCore: Jun 26, 2020 · Hello  @MaLd0n . Sep 18, 2016 · Also, AirPortBRCMFixUp 2. com also using a skylake desktop smbios is very wrong for a haswell laptop Mar 05, 2009 · OpenCore Instructions for Asus Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Alpha? HELP Anyone have any instructions or suggestions (specifically what kexts are needed in OC/Kexts and perhaps if any particular OC/Drivers are needed as well) for working with the Z170 Hero Alpha board from Asus? Aug 10, 2020 · Used for OpenCore picker on legacy systems running DuetPkg, not recommended and even harmful on UEFI(Ivy Bridge and newer) HfsPlusLegacy. gz) 2. pkg 28. kext. OpenCore is what we refer to as a "boot loader" – it is a complex piece of software that we use to prepare our systems for macOS – specifically by injecting new data for macOS such as SMBIOS, ACPI tables and kexts. AirportBrcmFixup: Patches Broadcom/Atheros Bluetooth firmware. AirportBrcmFixup. kext\Contents\PlugIns, copy ra rồi config trong opencore. 0 Lilu 1. 7, mais j'ai un soucis. kextを消さないとBCM4352が使えませんでした。 どういうことなのかよくわかりませんが、AirportBrcmFixup. May 14, 2019 · OC_KextPath_Info Un piccolo aiuto per definire i vostri kext in uso per OC sul config Andranno dichiarati in Kernel/ADD Posizionate lo script dentro la cartella kext insieme ai vostri kexts Successivamente eseguite lo script Esempio: BundlePath: ACPIBatteryManager. I had the correct kext but was missing these entries in my config. OpenCore Configurator On Line SECTIONS . もっと読む · Liluとプラグイン:(2)  7 Jan 2018 AirportBrcmFixup. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. My system restarts and I select macOS installer. 4及以上版本使用; Lilu. kext make sure this K 26 Oct 2020 AirportBrcmFixup. 4. You might need something like SSDT-EC. Jul 29, 2020 · Hey guys so I've recently installed big sur beta 3 from a usb drive using OC . Share The WiFi (BCM20702A0) from the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero guide build will not connect to the WiFi network. 2 and leaving both of its injector PlugIns disabled. 2 SSD, 16GB of RAM and Intel WiFi Card Steps ive performed 1. 0 had been released yesterday on Github, as well as a lot of other kexts. In Clover you can have two different AirportBrcmFixup. Documentation for OpenIntelWireless Products. Hi all. Again, thank you! Sanity check your OpenCore config. Bluetooth on the card works fine.